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Yes, I know it’s true, that visions
Are seldom all they seem

Ladies of Disney → Aurora

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DC Selfie Variants

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The last words said by Black youth before they were murdered by vigilantes/Policemen . Rest in peace. [Source: Shirin Barghi]

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still bummed that the benefactor wasn’t dan humphrey

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Now, give that every museum in the world is filled with art created from this basic impulse. The greatest literature…the most beautiful music. The study of sex is the study of the beginning of all life and science holds the key. Yet we sit huddled in the dark like prudish cavemen filled with shame and guilt when the truth is nobody understands sex and now nobody will.

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It occurred to me when I was rewatching the ep that Stiles knows what it’s like to listen to a family member die because he was there when his mom died and this scene just got even more heartbreaking…



Quinta da Regaleira-Sintra ~ Portugal

An underground tunnel with a spiral staircase, supported by carved columns, down to the bottom of the well through nine landings. The nine hole round landings, separated by fifteen steps, evoke references to Dante’s Divine Comedy, and may represent the nine circles of hell, paradise, or purgatory.

The well is connected to laberíticas caves that lead to a spooky garden surrounded by a lake.

The land that is now Quinta da Regaleira had many owners through time. But in 1892 it belonged to the Barons of Regaleira, a family of rich merchants from Porto, when it was purchased that year by Carvalho Monteiro for 25,000 réis. Monteiro wished to build a bewildering place where he could gather symbols that would reflect his interests and ideologies. With the assistance of the Italian architect Luigi Manini, he designed the 4-hectare estate with its enigmatic buildings, believed to hide symbols related to alchemy, Masonry, the Knights Templar, and the Rosicrucians. The architecture of the estate evokes Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Manueline architectural styles. The construction of the current estate commenced in 1904 and most of it was concluded by 1910.

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(by Javier Andrés)

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Gemma Arterton for Marie Claire (2007)

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Clark was supposed to cry in the scene after the death of his daughter. It worried him for days before he was to do the scene as he’d never cried on the screen before. He didn’t think it was masculine for a man to cry. One day he confided in me, “Olivia, I can’t do it. I’m just going to have to quit.” I talked with him and convinced him that the tears denoted strength of character, not weakness. It turned out to be one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. Clark always underrated himself as an actor. I think his Rhett Butler will live forever as one of the screen’s classic performances ~ Olivia De Havilland 

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Part two The Lake District

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 ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a widower who remarried. His second wife was ill-natured, and she had two daughters who were just as unpleasant as their mother. The man had a beautiful, gentle daughter of his own, and she was soon to become the servant of her evil step-mother and step-sisters. They made her do all the chores around the house, and she was named Cinderella, after the cinders she swept out of the fireplace. (Full Summary Here)

c u r r e n t l y

the altar of the dead
- henry james

finding carter
the leftovers