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Outlander returns April 4, 2015

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d o e s  i t   e v e r   s t o p ?

                            t h e   w a n t i n g   y o u ?

j: every man and woman in the world needs to know how to defend theselves, sassenach. especially those married to a fraser
c: i think i’m more  a w a r e  o f   t h a t  every day.
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I was back to the place where it had all begun. So much had happened, so much had changed. Last I was here, I was Claire Randall, then Claire Beauchamp, then Claire Fraser.

The question was: who did I want to be?

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Kisses in 1x08 requested by anon

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“He reached out and touched my lower lip, barely brushing the edge. “It starts out the same, but then, after a moment,” he said, speaking softly, “suddenly it’s as though I’ve a living flame in my arms.” His touch grew firmer, outlining my lips and caressing the line of my jaw. “And I want only to throw myself into it and be consumed.”

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I thought of telling him that his own touch seared my skin and filled my veins with fire. But I was already alight and glowing like a brand.

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My wife has disappeared. Do you have any idea, at all, of what might have happened to her?

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Robert Lewandowski during todays press conference before the match against CSKA Moscow x

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It’s time to choose sides now.
The stitches or the devouring mouth?
- Richard Siken | You Are Jeff | x
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New Era of Civil Disobedience                              

Anti-government activists gather during a protest in Hong Kong, China, late Saturday and in the early morning hours of Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. 

Pro-democracy protesters kick-started an occupation of central Hong Kong after students clashed with the city’s police, prompting thousands of people to take to the streets in support. 

China said last month that candidates for the 2017 leadership election must be vetted by a committee, angering pro-democracy campaigners who say the group is packed with business executives and lawmakers who favor Beijing. 

Read more from the report by Bloomberg News

Photographer: Lam Yik Fei/Bloomberg     

© 2014 Bloomberg Finance LP

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For your pleasure, some of my all time favourite short films.


Compiled here are some of my favourite shorts, all of them horror, suspense, or psychologically upsetting in some way - while some are even beautiful.

Please enjoy.

sixpenceee, I decided to put this together after going through your list, so if there’s any on here that you enjoy, please feel free to add them. The only thing better than horror is spreading horror around.

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This week, India became the first Asian nation to reach Mars when its orbiter entered the planet’s orbit on Wednesday — and this is the picture that was seen around the world to mark this historic event. It shows a group of female scientists at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) congratulating one another on the mission’s success. 

The picture was widely shared on Twitter where Egyptian journalist and women’s rights activist Mona El-Tahawy tweeted: “Love this pic so much. When was the last time u saw women scientists celebrate space mission?” 

In most mission room photos of historic space events or in films about space, women are rarely seen, making this photo both compelling and unique. Of course, ISRO, like many technical agencies, has far to go in terms of achieving gender balance in their workforce. As Rhitu Chatterjee of PRI’s The World observed in an op-ed, only 10 percent of ISRO’s engineers are female.

This fact, however, Chatterjee writes, is “why this new photograph of ISRO’s women scientists is invaluable. It shatters stereotypes about space research and Indian women. It forces society to acknowledge and appreciate the accomplishments of female scientists. And for little girls and young women seeing the picture, I hope it will broaden their horizons, giving them more options for what they can pursue and achieve.” 

To read Chatterjee’s op-ed on The World, visit http://bit.ly/1u3fvGZ

Photo credit: Manjunath Kiran/AFP/Getty Images

- A Mighty Girl

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Peaceful student protesters in Hong Kong are being tear gassed and pepper sprayed. They are protesting pro-democracy rights and simply want they’re voices to be heard. 

You can read all about the situation here 

Too many times peaceful protesters have been victims of police brutality in an attempt to silence them. This needs to stop before some even more serious damage can be done and by that I mean the loss of lives. 

Pictures via BBC World News 

c u r r e n t l y

gone girl
- gillian flynn

red band society
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masters of sex
the bridge
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